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Heavy class

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1 Heavy class on Thu Dec 01, 2016 7:50 pm

. The Heavy class starts with 2,200 health, and focuses on using brute strength to eviscerate zombies and high defense for survivability. This comes at the trade-off of speed, unless Heavy Gear is upgraded. This class is like a juggernaut, due to the class skill upgrades (Brute Strength, Tough Body, and Die Another Day). If survival is the main priority, this is the best class for it. Heavy's starting weapons are Z-5 Heavy as primary and HVM 001 as sidearm.


Hold The Line: Increases your damage and weapon penetration while not moving for a short time, or by one half the listed bonus while moving. This skill can increase the Heavy's DPS dramatically. At max, damage and pierce will be increased by 126%, or 63% while moving.
Heavy Gear: Reduces movement penalty for weapons and armour. This skill can ultimately nullify all movement penalties, enabling the Heavy to use any weapon and armor piece without being slowed. This skill makes heavy stuff like Hardplate armor and the Proposition, as well as everyone's favorite LMG even better. Heavy Gear can reduce movement penalties below 0%, which adds movement speed. The M1000 with Maxed Heavy Gear and all masteries and collections can add about 20% movement speed.
Tough Body: You are so tough you are more resistant to damage than normal. Tough body is able to reduce even Dark Minion damage. At max, damage reduction can be slashed to less than half, as TB nullifies 54.00%.
Die Another Day: Become 90% immune to damage for a short time. Die Another Day can save your life if your health is very low. It can also be used when pushing through a horde or if you're cornered by a strong boss.
Brute Strength: Your brute strength allows you to push boxes faster and deal damage to zombies by running into them. With this skill, you can push through hordes of zombies more easily while dealing damage. It is useful if you constantly find yourself surrounded.
Concussion: Your shots have a chance to stun zombies. Guns with a high RoF and/or multiple flechettes are ideal for stunning. Good examples are the Hotspot and Hard Thorn, as they can easily stun-lock zombies.
Aerial Bombardment: Powerful orbital strike deals massive damage in a targeted area. This skill is very helpful against large, tightly-packed hordes, as its damage is high and its pierce is infinite.


Hold the Line DOES amplify DoT.
Die Another Day and Tough Body reduce damage from attacks by Dark Minions.
If supported with Critical Shot, a Hold The Line build would potentially have a higher DPS than the Assault class unless the Assault has activated a high-level Killing Spree.
Hold the Line pierce was once bugged. Extra damage was given by the skill, but the extra pierce did not work. This has been fixed.
Unlike Bad Blood (MEDIC's skill), Brute Strenght seems to be more active (as Bad Blood deals damge on zombies when they hit you in combat while Brute Strenght let you hit them on contact). This somehow let Heavy avoid getting hit.

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