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Assault class

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1 Assault class on Thu Dec 01, 2016 6:38 pm

. It's one of the three classes you can play with in the game. This class stars with 2,000 health points. It mainly focuses on quick and deadly strikes, as well as speed. Assaults specialize in Assault rifles, which are the strongest of the full auto weapons yet the ones with the smallest clip and fire rate.The Assault skills are based around speed and damage. Assault's starting weapons are Z-1 Assault as primary and HVM 001 as sidearm.


Adrenaline: Increases movement speed, shoot speed and reload time for a short time. This skill can allow the assault to have instant reload, making the assault devastating even for bosses.
Deadly Force: Gives you a global increase in damage from all weapons used. This skill increases damage to EVERYthing, including crit damage and killing spree.
Close Quarters Combat: Strike enemies nearby with your knife. Costs 10 energy.
Gun Mod Expert: Reduce cost of augmenting guns, plus 10% augmentation xp.
Stim Shot: Automatically regenerates some health when severely injured. A life saving skill for many assaults as assaults are not the toughest of all classes and cannot heal manually.
Killing Spree: 20 zombie killing spree activates increased damage and pierce. Keep killing to maintain effects. Killing 20 zombies under 2 seconds will activate this skill automatically, though the time frame increases with more skill points invested.
Assault Team: Call in an elite assault squad for a short time. A small pack of HVM armor/weapon using A.I soldiers with appear taking a small amount of hits and dealing huge damage to hostiles in the area.

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