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Medic class

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1 Medic class on Thu Dec 01, 2016 7:21 pm

The Medic has 1,800 starting health and has the ability to drop medkits for fellow SAS soldiers including himself, which heal a certain amount of health when used.
It's best to keep the Medic alive and protected in multiplayer due to his special abilities to quickly revive other allies and drop medkits as well as a protective aura to support and increase the team's defenses. A medic is also virtually vital in Nightmare Mode.

Due to the Medic's ability to heal himself, stats like maximum HP and HP regeneration are likely not going to be needed, and focusing on stats like energy regeneration will improve the Medic's survival overall and team helpfulness. Later on, investing skill points into Medkits and the Zombie Antidote, the Medic's level 20 skill, will further improve the Medic's support role, though the antidote bomb loses effectiveness at higher levels. The medic' s Biocleanse Bomb makes for a perfect support weapon, slowing down enemies and reducing their resistances to everything by 50%. The medic skills are based around team support. The medic's starting weapons are Z-2 LMP as primary & HVM 001 as sidearm.


Main article: SAS: Zombie Assault 4 Skills
Medkit: Drops a field medkit for any SAS to pick up. Unlike normal medkits, field medkits disappear when an injured player steps on it, so be sure to reserve them for severely injured teammates. Also, field medkits heal a definite amount of health which increases for each level, unlike normal medkits which heal a percentage of your health.
Protective Aura: Increases thermal and chemical value of armor for players and nearby allies.
Revive: Boosts revive time and health of nearby fallen teammates. The time the medic spends on standing on the teammates is proportional to the speed and revived health boost.
Biocleanse Bomb: Slows zombies and lowers their resistance by 50% in an area. The Biocleanse bomb takes the appearance of a small green smoke grenade.
Bad Blood: Every time a Melee attacker hits you they take damage.
Final Farewell: Instant and automatic heal and medkit drop upon Medic's death. This skill will allow the Medic to remain a helpful asset even upon death, dropping 3 medkits (more at higher levels) and healing players close.
Zombie Antidote: Huge gas explosion of virus antidote does large damage to zombies in a radius. (Locked until Level 20). A very effective skill, the Zombie Antidote Canister will dramatically increase the Medic's damage per second.

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